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IT&O connects you with the globe

Central & South America 4%
America 30%
Asia &
Australasia 19%
Africa &
Middle East 7%
Europe 40%
Audit certificate available on request.

IT&O connects you with the following markets...

Tug and OSV owners and operators, salvage contractors, port and harbour authorities 40%
Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, electronics, propulsion and machinery 26%
Classification societies, naval architects, consultants 15%
Vessel builders and repairers 12%
Law firms, lawyers, P&I Clubs 4%
Brokers, agents, finance 3%

First choice for advertisers...

International Tug & OSV, incorporating Salvage News (IT&O) enjoys an unrivalled position as the leading specialist trade journal for the tug, OSV and salvage industries, and a highly regarded worldwide reputation for editorial excellence.

It achieves an average, controlled circulation of over 10,000 per issue six times a year - readers must request to receive the magazine and regular copies are only made available by subscription. Readership surveys have revealed that each issue is passed on to an average of seven readers and that most issues are filed for future reference. Copies are also distributed at major exhibitions and events.

For advertisers, IT&O presents an excellent opportunity to reach and influence its audience of prominent decision makers, ensuring that the magazine delivers your message to the people that count.

So, with our extended offshore reach and constantly growing, engaged readership database, IT&O can offer a range of powerful advertising platforms that include:-

  • High profile Display Advertising positioned amongst editorial content.
  • Affordable Classified Advertising in the Global Directory.
  • Bespoke and cost effective IT&O Supplements, commissioned to celebrate a significant anniversary, business milestone or new build.
  • Digital routes via our bi-monthly newsletter.

Call one of our sales team for more information or for an informal discussion on how IT&O can help you achieve real value for money from your advertising budgets.

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