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To guarantee consideration, editorial deadline is a minimum of two weeks before the advertisement copy deadline. Submissions should be sent to:

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Editorial programme

International Tug & OSV, incorporating Salvage News (IT&O) is dedicated to tug, OSV and salvage matters, with regular features forming the core of each issue. These are backed up by special features, many of which focus on latest developments in the industry. IT&O is published six times a year to a worldwide audience of over 10,000 influential and senior professionals.

Regular features

A substantial International News section covers not only topical incidents and developments, but reviews the important events of recent months. This is where important towage stories are described, company takeovers considered and new appointments detailed.

A dedicated section looking at issues in the Salvage industry is expanding to take in the increasingly important area of Offshore Decommissioning.

Every issue contains a batch of the latest New Orders & Contracts, to keep readers up-to-date with who is doing what, and where. Many of these vessels are subsequently described in detail by contributing editor Andy Smith, who has been with the publication continuously since its launch, in Tug & OSV Deliveries. This section of the magazine provides a detailed technical description of each vessel, with photographs.

Features include At The Helm - an in-depth interview with a key figure in the industry, covering their personal and professional life, and opinions about current trends and future developments in their particular corner of the marine industry.

Another regular feature is Bridge Technology, which considers new wheelhouse developments, in particular the electronics used on both tugs and OSVs, while Products & Services rounds up all that is new to the market. Many editions include sections covering Offshore Support Operations, Training & Safety, Green Technology and Ice Class, while a new section covers the growing Offshore Renewables industry. Additionally, each issue has a feature looking at a particular region of the world - North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and South America.

Special features

Specialist areas cover Digital Innovation, Fire-Fighting & Pollution Control, Naval Architecture & Vessel Design, Diving & Underwater Services, Offshore Vessel Repurposing, Classification Societies, Port Development & Operations, Brokering, Ballast Water Treatment, Economic Operation and LNG Operations.

Legal and classification issues and their implications for the industry are given careful consideration, with expert commentary on maritime law appearing in every issue. The latest information on conferences and exhibitions is also part of the regular content, as are papers by experts on topics relevant to the industry.

Each year, the July/August issue of the magazine include the A-Z Guide to Tug and OSV Builders and Repairers.