About The ABR Company

The ABR Company Ltd

Specialises in four particular areas of the international maritime industry: tugs & towing, offshore and salvage. Chairman Allan Brunton-Reed, for many years now has published a wide variety of nautical books and magazines and organised international conferences and exhibitions. The company maintains on a daily basis a 16,000+ database of people around the world who are involved in the tug, towing, OSV and salvage business - currently 116 countries. The database is used for the distribution of our bi-monthly magazine International Tug & OSV as well as the annual Tug & OSV Review and numerous supplements. It is also used for marketing our highly successful ITS Conventions and Tugnology Conferences. The company also stocks a wide range of publications dealing with the tug, towing, salvage and OSV business, which are available through The ITS Book Club.

International Tug & OSV, incorporating Salvage News

International Tug & OSV, incorporating Salvage News has entered its 23rd year of publication and remains unrivalled as the leading magazine for all those involved in the international tug, towage, salvage and OSV industries. Readers include tug and OSV owners, salvors and towage companies, together with professionals such as naval architects, engineers, tug & OSV builders and marine lawyers. The magazine is a high quality, full colour publication with attractively laid out pages, containing an extensive selection of photographs and is written in a relaxed style to provide a quick and easy source of information. It is edited by John McCready and Andy Smith is now contributing editor. Andy has been with the publication since its launch. Other contributors include professionals from within the industry. The magazine continues to offer our readers all existing news, views and features, PLUS a large amount of additional content on the closely related area of Offshore. We hope that you will enjoy reading the new incarnation of the magazine, and find it a valuable resource for advancing your own business into the burgeoning world of Offshore vessels.

ITS Convention and Exhibition

The convention is held every two years and is the world's largest gathering of tug, towage, salvage and OSV experts.

Tugnology Conference

A two-day conference dealing with the design, construction, operation and economics of tugs. A 'no frills' event held during the intervening years of the ITS Convention.

Tug & OSV Review

Published annually in January/February. Printed in full colour throughout, the review contains profiles of some of the most interesting tugs and OSV vessels that have been built around the world during the past 12 months. Each vessel reviewed will come complete with GA drawing and full specification. In addition, a major review of the latest trends in the international tug, towage, salvage and OSV industry is included.

Tug & OSV Supplements

Published on behalf of companies in the tug and OSV industry, these supplements are an extremely cost-effective way to promote your company. Let the rest of the industry know if you have something to announce or simply want to promote your industry presence. IT&O supplements are mailed out with an issue and read by the professionals in the tug, towage, offshore and salvage industries. PLUS you will receive 1,000 copies for your own promotional purposes.

IT&O supplements also allow you to harness the globally renowned expertise of the editorial team to help your company celebrate a significant anniversary or milestone; launch a new build or a range of new products. Perhaps you would simply like to raise your profile within the industry or communicate a company re-structure or new corporate branding?