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Question 1

How did you rate ITS 2016 Boston?
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Question 2

Please comment on your overall experience at ITS 2016 Boston.

Question 3

Did ITS 2016 Boston represent good value for money?
 Yes      No     

Please elaborate on your answer.

Question 4

Are you happy with the way the programme was arranged at this year's conference? Please share your thoughts on how the programme running order could be improved. We would consider options such as grouping together papers on related topics on separate conference days, if a sufficient number of delegates expressed a desire to see such a change implemented.

Question 5

To assist us with future paper selections, provide us with feedback - both good and bad - about the papers (in regard to the speaker or the topic) which stood out for you. Where appropriate, please give specific details to ensure that we meet our delegates' expectations when selecting papers for future conferences. We receive more than double the number of applications to present papers than we have space for in the programme, so your comments are very valuable to us during our selection process.

Question 6

Would you like details on ITS 2018? Marseille, France, is currently our prefered venue option. Our final decision is pending, based on delegate feedback.
 Yes      No     

Question 7

Which topics would you like to see covered at the ITS 2018 conference?

Question 8

Would you be interested in presenting a paper at ITS 2018?
 Yes      No     

Please give us more details on the subject

Question 9

Are you interested in an exhibition stand at ITS 2018?
 Yes      No     

Question 10

In approximately 4 months' time, in September/October, we will publish the Book of Papers. This hard-back standard work will contain all the papers presented, plus all the discussions, a colour pictorial review and a list of all attendees. Special Delegate Price: $125 plus $20 p&p for overseas postage (retail price: $185 plus p&p). If you think you may have ordered a copy already, we will not duplicate the order. Would you like to order a copy of the ITS 2016 Book of Papers?
 Yes      No     

Question 11

If this is your first ITS event, where did you hear about it?

Question 12

If you have any further comments, please add them below.

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