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Please complete all the fields below to register as a delegate, OR click here to download the Registration Brochure as a pdf. All fields marked * are compulsory. Please note that the form must be completed with the delegate's own details as we have to be able to contact and liaise with all delegates direct. Another person's email address may be provided in the second email address field, if required. If your invoicing details are different, these can be entered when you fill in your payment details.

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The ITS Club puts you in contact with leaders in the tug, salvage and OSV industries around the world. ITS Club members also get a 5% discount on their delegate registration, as well as many other benefits including airmail subscription to International Tug & OSV incorporating Salvage News, and discounts on books bought from the ITS Book Club. To take advantage of these benefits, please provide details below.

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If you will be bringing your spouse/partner to the dinner, please enter their details below. Please note that spouses and partners only have access to the dinner. If they require access to the conference, they must register as a delegate.

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